Our Dream

CodeYourSmile means we code for your smile. Our vision is using programming to make the world smile and happy. Smile is the most beautiful scenery in the world, smile also represents happiness.Tech for social good, and what we want is to make the world more and more warm.


CodeYourSmile is an innovative enterprise focusing on providing Internet basic data service and data operation for small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, there are two brands under the jurisdiction of CodeYourSmile, there are, HaoZhanZhan, HaoChengCheng. The main business of the company includes the construction of the company's official website, e-commerce platform, O2O platform, mobile phone platform, APP client and WeChat website, small programs, etc.

Enterprise Culture


Tech for Social Good

Honest and kind, knowing right and wrong. Something can not be done, something must be done。

Be realistic and pragmatic

Deep into the facts, not self-interested, down to earth, attention to effect.

Pursuit of perfection

Do not perfunctory, do not escape, face the problems and head on, try our best to find the best solution, constantly improve the requirements, continue to learn and grow

Openness and inclusiveness

Without boundaries, embrace change, be open and inclusive, and be harmonious together.


HaoZhanZhan-Make website, find HaoZhanZhan.
HaoChengCheng-Make procedure, find HaoChengCheng.
haozhanzhan haochengcheng